Notes for a Novel
The Selected Poems of Frieda Fligelman

Alexandra Swaney & Rick Newby, editors

Drumlummon Montana
Literary Masters Series

224 pages
$15.95 softcover
ISBN 0-9769684-1-X

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The mind and soul of a progressive woman in the 1920s, Notes for a Novel is enthusiastically recommended.

—Small Press Bookwatch

Born and raised in Helena, Montana, Frieda Fligelman may well be one of the most remarkable unknown poets of the early modern West. Fligelman published only a handful of poems during her lifetime, but at her death she left behind a manuscript of 1,200 exceptional poems. Notes for a Novel offers a rich selection of those passionate, witty, and often heartbreaking poems. Educated at Columbia and in Paris during the 1920s, Frieda Fligelman was a suffragist, translator, advocate for human rights, and founder of the discipline of sociolinguistics.

[Notes for a Novel] bears witness to a western Jewish woman who thought deeply and felt passionately; to the strands of cultural and intellectual electricity in small towns throughout the American West; and to world travelers who find in their natal nests the happiness they’d failed to find elsewhere.

—Harriet Rochlin, author of A Mixed Chorus:
Jewish Women in the American West, 1849–1924

[Frieda Fligelman’s] greatest strength as a poet is her ability to project a witty and resilient personality, a strong, singular voice that responds anew to adversity and joy. Her poems exhibit the Fligelman persona in many forms: the critic of civilization, the woman, the isolated individual alone in a room. She sought immortality: in her poetry, she is alive.

—Arnie Malina, recipient,
Montana Governor’s Award for the Arts